[WIP] Tutorial: Modular Gaming Table

Inspired by the great terrain builders at Quindia Studios I want to build the gaming table for the Hamburger Tactica convention as a modular gaming table. The plan is to have three modules of 60 x 120 cm which will form an overall table of 120x180cm. Three other modules will be built in the future so I’ll have six modules to bring in a lot’s of variety.

Three of the modules will contain a river section, all of them some dirt streets. All river and street sections will connect to each other. The rest of the board will remain as flat as possible to have enough room to put modular terrain like woods, hills or buildings on it.

I started with a base of 5mm MDF. The edges of the modules will are framed with 10x20mm wooden bars which are glued on the board with simple wood glue:


Where the rivers leave and enter the boards I had to cut a 45° angle. The river will be 10cm wide:


The inlet of the board consists of yellow polystyrene (or called pink foam in some countries). I bought 15 polystyrene boards from a wholeshaler as it is no longer possible to get the right material around here in brick and mortar shops. Sadly the boards are a bit thicker than 20mm, somewhat like 20,5 mm, so I have to cut the edges a little bit. Anyway I cut the edges to make the board fit between the wooden bars. Where the river flows, I drew the shape of the river on the board. Then I used a sharp hobby knife to cut out the river and smoothen the riverbanks. IMG_2092IMG_2093

The next module will contain a straight section:IMG_2094

And the final modul (of the three) has no river at all:IMG_2095

And here are the three modules together. Everything fits nicely beside some small gaps which will be filled with plaster later on.IMG_2089In the meanwhile I was making some progress. I don’t have many WIP-Pictures, so here are two pictures of the table. Only thing missing is the rest of the water, a bridge and the forest:

IMG_2286 IMG_2285To bring this thread to an end: here are the final pictures from the convention with all things on the table. As I’m planning to build three more modules you will soon find an update here with more pictures from the work in progress.

1461484_orig 9851448_orig 9390261_orig 6947865_orig 2417584_orig



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