[WIP] Tutorial: Building an 18th century stockade

For the presentation game of Muskets and Tomahawks we need Fort Bull as well. According to historical writings by the french officer de Lery the Fort itself was not more than a star shaped stockade, without any towers, crenelations or anything fancy. As the Fort will be standing in one corner of our table I decided to build just two sides of the fort and leave two sides open for better playability. Part of the action should be played inside the fort. So here we go:

I started with a simple MDF base. I rounded and leveled the edges with a sharp hobby knife. Then I drilles holes in the shape of the future walls. This is where the sticks will be glued to the base:

The sticks are from bamboo placemats I orderd from eby. With my sons pencil sharpener I sharpened the ends of the sticks, so they look more like chopped wood.
The I glued some horizontal sticks which will hold the rest of the sticks of the wall.

Now the real work began. I started to glue the rest of the wall. Every stick was hand sharpened with the pencil sharpener. After half of the wall was build I bought a mechanical sharpener which really helped speeding up the sharpening.
The rest of the wall was glued and the three loghouses where put in place to see the overall look. I’m quite happy. Still, there is lot’s of room for details like barrels, crates, etc.

After painting the whole thing and adding some wooden details it looks like this. The houses are not yet finished painting and the ground is not yet painted and flocked, but I’ll hope you get an overall impression:

In the meanwhile it was a bit quit here, as I had to spend all free time to finish the whole table for the presentation. I drybrushed the wood, painted the sand and added static grass to some areas inside the fort. Outside the fort I used the same felt as for the rest of the table to achieve some uniformity. So here are the pics from the presentation game in Hamburg. You will see the same pictures in the other two threads, as the three parts of the table fit together on on table.

1461484_orig 2417584_orig  9390261_orig 9851448_orig


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