Skull Rock Temple

In the next few weeks I’m going to show you several of my old pieces which where build for the 30121343old competitions. This piece of terrain was designed to be a true centerpiece of a jungle table. The scale of this piece is 28-30mm.

Several years ago I bought a skull in a 1-Euro-Shop. For this project I wanted to use the skull as part of a rock formation and to be the entrance to the ruins of an old jungle temple. I had to cut the lower jaw to make an entrance to the cave tunnel.

After glueing the skull to the base I used several layers of foam to build the base of the temple and the rock formation. After this I used air drying clay to build up the rocky parts. To have a more realistic rock surface, I used a pencil to carve horizontal lines in it.

The temple itself was build up of foam, in which I cut the structure of giant stone blocks and stone slabs with a hobby knife.

The trees were made out of a skeleton of wire surrounded by air drying clay. The treetop was made out of aquarium filter wool and some foliage. If I had more time I’d at some more lianas and things hanging from the trees to give it a more jungly look, but for the moment it has to stay like this. The trees are removable for storage and playability. You can see the cracks in the pictures.

As a last step I used aquarium plants from my last jungle project and put them arround the building. Here are the pictures. They are a bit tiny, but I hope you’ll see the main features.







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